Miss. Angela has been with us since July 2006, and has been a Montessori Teacher since graduating in 1999. Originally from Ontario, she grew up spending hours in the pool training as a competitive swimmer. She started her work with children coaching the newest young prodigies in the Development Levels of the Newmarket Stingrays Swim Club. Children were always her passion, so after university she decided on a career in education. Being a Montessori child herself, spending time observing in a Montessori classroom as an adult felt like coming home. She had found her career.
She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario, an AMI Montessori Diploma from The Foundation for Montessori Education (FME) in Toronto, and is a British Columbia certified Early Childhood Educator. During her career as a Montessori Teacher, her love of travel has given her opportunities to work at schools in Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Vancouver and Victoria.
She has lived in Victoria since 2005, and loves the amazing outdoor recreation it has to offer. In her spare time she is very active, she is pretty much up for any adventure! She loves seeking out new goals, then challenging herself to reach them. Her most recent achievement was completing her first Triathlon in Sooke, where she lives.

The owner and a Directress, Miss. Ivana graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA in Sociology, and French & German. After many years of training in business, marketing, and public relations with Lufthansa German Airlines, she and her husband Pavel moved to the Okanagan, where she and her sister owned and operated a successful home décor business, called Beautiful Ideas.
During a whale watching trip in Tofino, they were captivated by the intense beauty of the natural environment and they moved to Victoria shortly after. When their daughter Sofia was born, Ivana wanted to be actively involved in her education, in and outside the classroom. Ivana researched the best options for her daughter and realized that the Montessori Method was by far her favourite. She took the Montessori training and opened a school that would not only serve Sofia well, but would also enable other parents to share in the success of their own children.
Miss. Ivana speaks 4 languages fluently (English, Czech, German, & French) and loves to travel, having extensively experienced Europe, North America, Australia, and Sofia’s favourite—Hawaii. When she is not at the school, Miss. Ivana can usually be found walking along the ocean with Pavel, Sofia, Isabella and her Aussie Yogi

Mr. Sean is very pleased to join the Montessori preschool as music specialist to encourage the children in singing, movement to music and an appreciation for music as an important part of life and learning.
Mr. Sean began his musical training as a schoolboy attending St Michael’s Choir School in Toronto and singing in the renowned St Michael’s Choir. He attained a Bachelor of Music Degree in 1979 and a Bachelor of Education in 1997 from the University of Victoria. He has sung and played guitar, bass and occasionally keyboards in a host of musical groups from the 70s to the present including acoustic folk groups and rock, country, reggae, blues bands and showbands as well as guitar in several musical productions. Sean also spent four years playing a broad range of musical styles on cruise ships from Alaska to the South Seas.
He has three albums to his credit: a selection of cruise ship favourites, With No Reservations recorded in 2005 by Party of Four; a four-song solo CD, Shooting Stars, for which Mr.Sean composed the music, sang all vocal parts and played all the instruments, recorded as a supplement to the 2007 novel Shooting Stars by Laurie Samsel Olson who also penned the lyrics; and, Live at the Yale with The Soulshakers in 2009, a collection of rhythm and blues songs recorded during a performance at Vancouver’s well-known blues club “The Yale”.
Mr. Sean continues to play weekend engagements with The Soulshakers and as a solo performer.

Miss Kathryn is the newest member of the Victoria Montessori team. She graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario with a Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services, and then went on to get her Outdoor Adventure Skills Certificate from Fleming College in Lindsay, Ontario. Miss Kathryn has been working with children for many years in a variety of settings from Summer Camps, Daycares, After School Programs, and Outdoor Education Centres, in Ontario, British Columbia and Hong Kong. As an extension of her passion for working with children, she decided to make a career change and returned to school and received her AMI Montessori Diploma from the Foundation for Montessori Education (FME) in Toronto, and also obtained her B.C. Early Childhood Education Certificate and B.C. Independent Teaching Licence. The Montessori teaching methods and approach were what drew her to furthering her career in childcare and she could not be happier! Miss Kathryn taught at a Montessori School in Vancouver last year and learned a lot while developing her teaching skills and Montessori knowledge. Miss Kathryn is excited to live on the island and loves being able incorporate the Victorias beautiful outdoor settings into her teaching.


Our Team

Miss Cheryl was born and raised on Vancouver Island and has lived on the island for most of her life. Growing up she spent much of her time outdoors, whether it be at the lake or the beach, playing soccer, camping, going up Mt. Washington, or just exploring in general. She feels lucky to have had these experiences, which fostered a love and appreciation of nature that has impacted who she is as an educator. As an adult, Cheryl moved to Victoria and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, then later went back to school to complete her Bachelor of Education. After completing her education degree, she moved to London, England to work as a teacher as well as travel through Europe every chance she got. It was in England that Cheryl decided to learn more about Montessori, and completed a correspondence diploma in Lower Elementary Montessori from the North American Montessori Centre. Cheryl grew passionate about the Montessori philosophy and when she returned from London two years later, was lucky enough to find a role at Victoria Montessori part-time and as a teacher-on-call. Cheryl then moved back up island and was teaching at a preschool in Fanny Bay, BC. She joined Victoria Montessori on a full time basis in the summer of 2017. She loves Victoria and can’t wait to revisit all that the city has to offer during this lovely time of year!

 Victoria Montessori

   Preschool and Childcare

Miss. Stana graduated from George Brown College in Toronto with a diploma in Hotel Management. Starting out in Night Audit with the massive Toronto CP Hotel, over a few years, she worked her way up through the Accounting Department until she was the one in charge, the Head Controller. But after some time, she realized she wanted a more relaxing life and moved to the Okanagan, where she and her sister owned and operated a successful home décor business, called Beautiful Ideas. While living in Kelowna, her future husband Jeremy wandered into her life, setting into motion a series of global trips and lifestyle changes, from building a log cabin in the backwoods of the Kootenays, to backpacking through South America, South East Asia, and China, to vacationing in Europe and Hawaii.When her sister Ivana became pregnant, Stana and Jeremy sold their house to move to Victoria, a place they had loved for years. Here, she could help out with the school, taking charge of Administration, and the family, as she’s been doing ever since.
Miss. Stana speaks 2 languages fluently (English & Czech) and gets by on her German. When she is not at Ivana’s house, she can be found renovating or gardening with her husband and her three cats

Miss Ella comes to us from France. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from the Aix-Marseille Universite, and the DAEFLE Diploma to teach French as a second language with a focus on young children. She has extensive knowledge in the Montessori philosophy, and loves working with children. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Documentary Film directing and producing, and directed a documentary on children in impoverished neighborhood of Marseille. She has travelled extensively and taught French in many cultures.

We believe that Miss Privet’s international and diverse background will be a great asset in our centre. We are planning to develop an authentic French program, and Miss Privet would be spearheading the program.

We are very excited, and know that the children will truly benefit from this rich experience 

"It is true that we cannot make a genius, but we can give the child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities."  

                                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Maria Montessori

Victoria Montessori Preschool and Childcare has been in operation since 2004.

We are situated in Victoria West in a beautiful new facility, constructed in 2019. We offer a full time Montessori program for children from 2.5 years up to and including Kindergarten.

Twenty-first century children are growing up in a crazy-paced world with the stresses of busy home life and over-stimulating media and toys. At Victoria Montessori, we create harmony and the right balance. We try to cultivate self-awareness, confidence, and calm amid the "moving see of chaos".

At preschool age, children's imagination is vivid, so providing a prepared environment with purposeful activities and materials helps children to focus their attention, while they enjoy a peaceful, orderly and calm atmosphere. Children are actively involved and learn through all senses. Repetitive exercise brings discipline and success while stimulating creativity.

At Victoria Montessori, we are committed to the Montessori curriculum. We build strong foundations and strong values. Each child is seen as a unique individual, and with respectful love and care, the child is guided toward independence and self control. The directresses model respect for the environment, respect for others and respect for oneself. These values build confidence, self-esteem and self-expression, which are vital for emotional and mental health.